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this is a work-in-progress, but do enjoy your stay!

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They're queer and got furries in them!

Bat and Bear is a queer visual novel about mental health and healthy relationships that looks into the lives of the title characters.
It's not exactly the best; I mean, it's got a lot of grammar errors and bugs, which I plan on fixing once College Days is done (see below), but it is the visual novel that got me out into the game dev scene (and also lead a couple of my commissioners and some of my online friends to me!) and is something that I still look back onto fondly.

(College Days Demo is browser based, and is best played on Firefox)

My current project; Bat and Bear: College Days is the prequel to Bat and Bear, with a focus on about mental health and perspective. It's kind of a display of everything I have learned while working on Bat and Bear - from animating boils using Ren'py's anim.Filmstrip, how to customize the title screen, etcetera, to what defines my voice as a writer. Along with being something that shows my growth using Ren'py and as a writer, it fleshes out Bat and Bear a great deal. It's something I'm passionate about and is a story I want to see in the world. <3